Secretary-General’s Message

Dear Visitors

Welcome to the Food and Drug Administration’s website.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates the following products: medicines, medical devices, food, herbal products, cosmetics, narcotic substances, psychotropic substances, and hazardous substances, with a view to ensuring their continuous quality and safety. Our work puts emphasis on proactive performance of duties and employment of advanced technology in order to promote work efficiency, and follows 5S guideline, being (1) Speed: reducing red tape, speeding up the authorization/permission process, and increasing efficiency through technology; (2) Safety: creating awareness regarding health products, creating health product surveillance system, and strictly enforcing the laws; (3) Satisfaction: providing services professionally,transparently and with accountability; (4) Supporter: promoting competitiveness of the business sector and its ability to produce value-added products; and (5) Sustainability: building security on medicines and medical supplies, increasing the capacity to deal with emergency situations, and ensuring expertise of its personnel in their performance of duties and preparedness to adapt to changes. 

In addition, the FDA has the responsibility of developing and promoting consumers’ behavior in selecting safe products by themselves, and providing support for business operators from their preparation to enter into business to product development.

The FDA also values the personnel within our organization and their happiness in the performance of duties within the appropriate working environment. The FDA aims to drive our organization forwards by means of integration and cooperation with networks of both insiders and outsiders, with a view to achieving the highest result possible in ensuring consumer safety, prosperity of business operators, and sustainable health protection system of Thailand.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your interest in our work, and hope that our website serves as a tool which helps further your goals in visiting our website.

Dr. Paisarn Dunkum

Secretary General