International relation

International Strategy

The Food and Drug Administration has prepared strategic plans for our international affairs which emphasize the promotion of international cooperation to ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of health products in line with international standards, as well as international agreements and free trade agreement in order to reduce or remove non-tariff barriers to trade created by domestic laws and regulations. Moreover, for the benefit of better trade facilitation, the Food and Drug Administration also sets our missions and strategic keystones for international affairs to serve as the guiding frameworks for our performance of duties in the international field, and to ensure our directions, suitability, efficiency, and our ability to adapt to the rapidly changing situations, with a view to strengthening the role of the Food and Drug Administration in the international field, improving the resilience of the organization to be able to adapt to the environmental change in all aspects, and strengthening all relevant sectors, which would benefit our duty of consumer protection in relation to health products in the future, and promote the ability of the business sector to compete at the international level. In addition, for the benefit of carrying out the aforementioned measures, the Food and Drug Administration also prepares the Food and Drug Administration’s Action Plan for International Cooperation B.E. 2565 - 2567 (2022 - 2024), with a view to building international cooperations and exchanging up-to-date information, as well as promoting businesses, publicizing, and building trust in Thai health products, under which cooperations at the bilateral, multilateral, regional, and sub-regional levels, as well as cooperations with international institutions, will be carried out.

International Affairs Vision of the Food and Drug Administration

Keep up with the world, consumers are safe, sustainable Thai economy.


Mission 1 Promote international cooperation to ensure health product safety and promote business sector’s competitiveness at the international level.

Mission 2 Negotiate and take part in international negotiation/conference relating to goods (health products) at both bilateral and multilateral levels, to protect, preserve and promote the interests of the country as well as the overall interests of the negotiation framework.

Mission 3 Improve the administrative system and the working capacity of the Food and Drug Administration in relation to our international affairs to ensure their quality in line with international standards. 

Strategic Keystones for International Affairs

Strategic Keystone 1 Develop a proactive international cooperation policy with a view to improving the forms of regulation in accordance with international standards/international agreements.

Strategic Keystone 2 Emphasize the international cooperations with a view to promoting/ solving any problem of Thai health products to be able to compete at the international level.

Strategic Keystone 3 Promote the transfer of technology regarding medicines, medical devices and other health products.

Strategic Keystone 4 Improve the negotiation process and negotiators to ensure their professionalism and their leadership at the negotiating table.

Strategic Keystone 5 Develop an information system to support the development of and the provision of services by the work system in relation to international affairs.