Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
8 April 2023

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP rules provide basic criteria and requirements necessary for food production to ensure food safety. These rules focus on preventing and eliminating risks that may cause food poisoning, harm, or unsafe conditions, and are enforced as law for producers to comply with.

The scope of application covers every food production premises that produces food for sale, except for:

(1) any private building, place or area that is dedicated to cooking or preparing foods for sale to consumer for immediate consumption at a dining area or for takeout, except for the production of specifically controlled food, food with quality or standard requirements or food with labeling requirements that either uses machines with a total power of at least 5 horsepower or equivalent or employs at least 7 workers;

(2) food selling or food vending establishments located in a public area or way, such as food hawkers, peddlers, stalls;

(3) premises for production of edible salt which shall comply with the Ministerial Regulation No. 1 B.E. 2522 (1979) on the Application for food production license and the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health on edible salt;

(4) premises for sorting and packing of some fresh vegetables and fruits which are regulated under the Notification of Ministry of Public Health No. 386 B.E. 2560 (2017) regarding production processes, processing equipment or utensils and storage practices of some fresh vegetables and fruits and labeling.

The general requirements of GMP comprise five sections, i.e.: 

Section 1 Location, Production Building, Cleaning and Maintenance;

Section 2 Equipment, Machines, Utensils, Production tools, Cleaning and Maintenance;

Section 3 Process control;

Section 4 Sanitation;

Section 5 Personal hygiene.

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