30 March 2023


 Narcotics mean any chemical, plant or substance which, upon being consumed, causes physiological or mental effect in a significant manner, such as having the need to gradually increase the consumption dosage, having withdrawal symptoms when deprived of the narcotic, having strong continual physiological and mental needs of consumption, and health in general being deteriorated, and shall also include chemicals used for the production of the narcotic, but does not include certain formula of household medicine under the law on drugs that contain narcotic ingredients.

Narcotics are classified into 5 categories, namely:

(1)   Category 1 narcotics are dangerous narcotics, such as heroin.

(2)   Category 2 narcotics are ordinary narcotics, such as morphine, cocaine, codeine, or medicinal opium.

(3)   Category 3 narcotics are narcotics that possess the characteristics of medicinal formula and contain category 2 narcotics as ingredient in accordance with the rules prescribed in the Notification by the Minister of Public Health issued under the recommendation of the Narcotics Commission.

(4)   Category 4 narcotics are chemicals used for producing category 1 or category 2 narcotics, such as acetic anhydride.

Category 5 narcotics are narcotics that are not classified into category 1 to category 4, such as opium plants.

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