Submission of application on cosmetic notification

The application on cosmetic notification must be submitted under the following detailed rules:

  1. Notifiers are manufacturers (repackagers are also classified as manufacturers), contract manufacturers, or importers.
  2. Information to be notified is:
    2.1. Information on the business operator, such as name and address (manufacturing facility/import facility/storage facility).
    2.2. Information on the product, such as product name, product type, substances used as ingredients, conditions of use.
    2.3. The details must be notified using the Form Jor.Kor. together with accompanying documents in accordance with the rules on the consideration of cosmetic notification.
  3. Places that accept the notification are the Thai Food and Drug Administration, Provincial Public Health Offices, or notification through the computer network system of the Thai Food and Drug Administration.
  4. The steps for detail notification appear in the diagram below.

A4 - 11.png