The Thai FDA Proactively Joins Hands with Partner Networks to Develop Research for Consumer Protection
5 April 2024

The Thai FDA hosted the workshop with various partner networks on implementing the scope of research with the aim to develop the consumer protection related to health products and on the inclusive data that will contribute to the sustainable benefits for the consumers.


On 5 April 2024 at 08.30 a.m., Dr. Narong Aphikulvanich, Secretary - General of Food and Drug Administration chaired the opening of the workshop on generating the research questions with various partner networks. The aforesaid workshop was organized at the Meeting Room on the 10th Floor of the OSSC Building and was attended by the representatives from the research and academic organizations in the public sector, civil society, private sector and the FDA officers. Dr. Narong Aphikulvanich revealed that the Food and Drug Administration emphasized to apply the research-based knowledge to drive the organization’s performance in response to the National Strategy. As aforementioned, in order to mobilize the organization, the set of data by the partner networks would be needed to generate the scope of research and to find the approach for the organization’ s performance development with the aim of giving the utmost benefit to the consumers and the entrepreneurs. The scope of research proposed by FDA aimed at reinforcing the consumer protection system such as the development of proactive mechanism on detecting signs of risk, mechanism to support public health emergency in the medicine and medical supply, the development of health product innovation as well as strengthening grassroot entrepreneurs and reforming the organization’s structure and its administration both in the central and regional offices.


The Secretary -General of FDA added that the meeting today intended to engage the related partner networks in presenting the opinions and the recommendations depending on their contexts and experiences in which each organization specialized. FDA also welcomed new scope of research for more comprehensive study, and this would lead to the explicit extent for conducting deep research. As a result, FDA could drive the organization based on the empirical knowledge and enhance the researcher networks with various agencies, organizations, and academics in collaborating among each other.

                                                                      News Publication Date: 5 April 2024