FDA Expedites the Modification of Law and Regulation to Facilitate for Health Product Business Operation
23 April 2024

Regarding the government policy on changing the role as a Regulator to be a Supporter with the aim to abolish the legal restrictions, create the legal environment of the country to suit the business context, hence the Ministry of Public Health has currently established the Working Group on the Modification of Redundant Regulation to Facilitate Health Product Business Operation. Therefore, the public hearing was held and attended by the stakeholders from every sector in order to gain their opinions which concerned the pain points of health product business operation and the expectation on FDA’s administration to protect health product consumers as well as to promote health product innovative creation, and boost collaboration with various partner networks. Since November B.E. 2566 until now, there have been more than 25 times of the aforesaid public hearing.


Mr. Sukhumpong Ngonkham, Public Health Advisory Committee and Chair of Working Group on the Modification of Redundant Regulation to Facilitate Health Product Business Operation revealed that the Meeting was held to consider the process on the improvement of FDA’s laws and the Meeting took note of the pain points receiving from the stakeholders which included (1) The unsupportive laws which impede the business operation (2) The redundant laws which make the excessive burden (3) The request of health product permission which is time-consuming.

Furthermore, the Meeting agreed with the process to modify FDA’s laws as mentioned above including the 2 quick wins on the modification for the permission of importation of health products for filming in Thailand and the cancellation of process on the document certification for permitting the foreign health products to be imported to facilitate the business operations.

The Meeting also agreed to provide the platform for more public hearing attended by the stakeholders in order to gain the inclusive points for the next meeting before proceeding with the preparation of the review plan for the laws related to health products. (2-3 years regarding the term of the government)

Dr. Narong Apikulvanich, Secretary-General of Food and Drug Administration stated more that FDA was ready to support the business operation to offer facilitation and fast service including shorten process and reduce burden and costs of doing business. This would raise the country with more capacity and competitiveness while placing the great emphasis on the quality and the safety of health products for the sustainable consumer protection.

  News Publication Date: 23 April 2024