Thai FDA Responds to the Prime Minister’s Policy to Reduce the Application Review Time, Boosting Convenience and Service Speed, with a Focus on Consumer’s Safety
21 February. 2024

          Thai FDA responded to the Prime Minister’s policy to increase service potentials through digitalization. Such transformation minimized the  Application review time of 245 procedures, and reduced the total number of service days by more than 50 percent, while still maintaining efficiency with an emphasis on consumer’s safety.

           Dr. Narong Aphikulvanich, the Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration, revealed that Dr. Cholnan Srikaew, the Minister of Public Health, has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to revise its systems by reducing the steps and the time required for permit requests. This is in accordance with the Prime Minister’s policy. He added that the Thai FDA has always placed importance on the service system and has been continuously developing service models, resulting in the FDA One Platform today. The platform consists of systems for e-Submission, e-Payment, e-Review, e-Tracking, and e-Liscense. It facilitates an all-round service from the process of requesting permissions to granting them. There is also an e-Consult system, providing online consultation services. The digitalized service-providing system grants access to users from anywhere, and anytime. This helps entrepreneurs reduce costs and travel time. In addition, the Thai FDA has also revised 245 health-related product licensing procedures, reducing the steps and service time for entrepreneurs. The Thai FDA was able to minimize the total number of service days by more than 50 percent. For example, the number of service days required for the consideration of the permit to manufacture or import medical devices in case experts, working committees, or subcommittees are not required, was reduced from 215 days to 86 working days. The Thai FDA has also aimed to ensure that entrepreneurs receive convenience and fast service under concise procedures. Emphasizing on services that come from the heart, the Thai FDA has established the FDA Care D+ Team to assist service users. Rooting from the principles of empathy, the Thai FDA seeks to understand, reduce communication gaps, and increase empathy. These will be accomplished alongside electronic services facilitation.

             The Secretary-General of the Thai FDA further stated that the FDA takes into account the importance of consumer safety and the potential development of entrepreneurs. This includes the aim to strengthen the stability of the country’s health-related products for economic sustainability. Therefore, consumers can be assured that in the future, the Thai FDA will continue to strive and develop its work to maintain safety for health-related products use.


                                                                           News Publication Date: 21 February 2024