Bringing of health products into the Kingdom of Thailand

Health products include medicines, foods, cosmetics, medical devices, hazardous substances use in household, psychotropic substances, narcotics, and herbal products can be brought into the Kingdom in the form of personal effects of travelers for personal use only. Bringing it in must be imported by individual. However, all kinds of imported products must not be products that are legally prohibited to be imported and must be processed under the terms and laws of Thailand as follows:


Importation of foods into the Kingdom for personal consumption can only be imported in no more than the prescribed amount, and when including all items, it must not exceed 20 kilograms as follows:


Product group

Maximum allowed quantity


Milk and dairy products: ready-to-drink milk, powdered milk, ice cream, cheese, whey proteins, yogurt, or pudding

5 kilograms / 5 liters


∙ Coffee: roasted coffee, coffee beans (roasted or not), coffee in capsules

∙ Instant drinks: "3 in 1" coffee or tea

5 kilograms


∙ Freeze-dried coffee

∙ Tea: tea leaves, powdered tea, herbal tea, or herbal brewing drinks, for example chamomile tea or mint tea

1 kilogram


Dried sugar substitute: aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, xylitol, or stevia

1 kilogram


The food supplement 

With an amount equivalent to

6 months of consumption by

product, not to exceed 10



Dried plants, vegetables, and fruits 

5 kilograms


Dried spices: saffron or vanilla

Dry animal-based food: swallow nest, shark fin, or fish maw

1 kilogram


The following food list:

∙ Dried cereals: quinoa, nuts

∙ Pastry, desserts, or snacks

∙ Liquid sweeteners: sugar or honey

∙ Non-alcoholic beverages: fruit juices, soda

∙ Meat, processed meat, and animal products:

sausages, ham, smoked meat, slice of crispy pork, dried crushed pork, or smoked salmon

∙ Noodles, pasta, spaghetti, ramen, instant noodles, or similar products with or without condiments

∙ Liquid sauces and condiments: fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, mayonnaise, or gravy sauce

∙ Plants, vegetables, fresh and processed fruit (pickled, candied, canned)

∙ Oil and fat: cooking oil

∙ Baby and medical food

∙ Human breast milk

10 kilograms / 10 liters


Other types of food 

Refer to product groups 1-8

Note: 1. To be classified as food base on the laws of Thailand.

2. The importation of cannabis-based or hemp-based foods is not allowed.


Cosmetics that can be carried into the Kingdom for personal use only must be ready-made

cosmetics, with no more than 6 pieces of each type and a total of no more than 30 pieces.

Note: The importation of cosmetics that consists of Cannabis extract or hemp is not allowed.

Medical devices

The importation of a medical device in the amount required for personal use must be accompanied by the following documents:

(a) Documents containing medical device information such as the trade name, label,

medical device information, ingredient, specifications, and the name and location of the


(b) A letter explaining the purpose of the medical device and certifying that it will not be sold.

(c) A medical certificate stating the importer's details and certifying that the importer has a disease for which the said medical device is actually needed.


Medicines can be carried in the amount necessary for personal use up to 30 days.

Herbal products

Herbal products can be carried into the Kingdom in such quantities as necessary for

personal use only, in quantities for use not exceeding 90 days, and must contain information or

details to verify that they are for personal use.

Note: 1. Imported herbal products must not be herbal products prohibited to produce,

import or sell and must not contain any component of the object prohibited to use according

to the notification of the Ministry of Public Health.

2. Do not import herbal products containing cannabis or hemp.

Psychotropic substances

Psychotropic substances - Type II-IV psychotropic substances, such as alprazolam, midazolam, and clonazepam, can be carried into the Kingdom in the amount necessary for

personal use for no more than 30 days, and must have a medical certificate specifying the

importer's details. and certify that the importer has a disease that requires the use of such

psychotropic substances. (You can find a list of psychotropic substances at

Note: The importation of Type I of psychotropic substances is not allowed.


Bringing all kinds of narcotics to treat one's own disease must be licensed by the Narcotics Division of the FDA before importing. (Applications can be made at

Hazardous substances use in household

Hazardous substances use in household is divided into 4 types, namely hazardous substance types I, II, and III, and IV. Prior to the importation of a hazardous substance type I, the importer must informed FDA of the facts. (You can see how this is done here)

The hazardous substance types II and III that can be imported for use in household must be finished products for personal use only. and can only be imported in quantities of 5 kilograms or 5 liters (the type of hazardous substances can be checked at

Note: The importation of Type IV of dangerous substances is not allowed